Nov. 19th, 2016 02:11 am
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It had been a reasonable amount of time now since Q had last been in the field. Not as long as he'd have liked, but long enough that he was a bit more at ease this time around. Hell, he'd even made it through the flight without getting terribly drunk or knocking himself out. If that didn't speak highly of the Quartermaster's current calm, he wasn't sure what would.

It was cold in Tver, not that this part of the globe was ever terribly warm this time of year, and the damp didn't make it any more inviting. Still, they'd made it in one piece, and the city was, really, quite lovely. It was a pity they were here for work rather than pleasure. Still, at least they had a nice hotel room and room service. That made the trip a touch more tolerable.

Q's laptop was currently rebooting after a hard crash- A result of some code work the boffin had been fiddling with- And so he was lingering near the hotel window, looking out at the city as he spoke.

"I've never done a prison break before. ...Well, hostage rescue, I suppose is the more apt term here. I'm almost disappointed I'll have to stay back at the hotel while you go fetch your friend," Q said, pausing, then glancing over at James. "...Almost."
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