Jul. 29th, 2015


Jul. 29th, 2015 11:32 pm
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Q took a moment to look around, reaching out to touch one of the bedposts before starting to comply.

He took his time undressing, watching Bond the whole time. He liked the feeling of the other man's gaze on him- Knowing that he alone was the reason for Bond's arousal tonight. The world lay so much temptation before the other man, and Q had never before had a partner he felt he needed to be better for. His looks were a matter of taste, he knew that, and he was thankful every time James' gaze lingered on him, and found that lately he took care to keep it there. He chose clothes he knew the other man liked, and was a touch more careful with what he ate. He was naturally slim, but he wasn't athletic, and it would be easy to wind up with a bit of a belly- So Q stood more at his desk now, and skipped the take out in favour of heather meals. Little changes here and there. Tiny things to make up for the fact that he'd never be as fit or as beautiful as Bond.

He stripped, but only until he was down to his pants. Had he known tonight was going to be special, he'd have worn something a bit naughtier, but the little blue pair he had on were cheeky enough.

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