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The mission had, honestly, started out quite well. They'd made their way to Greenland, infiltrated the secure and 'secret' data centre of an underground online movement who had been storing encrypted data that MI6 had no interest in seeing unravelled, and allowing anyone with the knowledge to find it, download and attempt to decrypt it. 

The hackers weren't radicals, not even hacktivists- Just ambitious dabblers who'd stumbled onto something bigger than they'd realized. 

The pair had managed to get in an out without even spilling blood- Replacing the data with something harmless right under the hackers noses. ...However, their presence alone had been enough to clue in a few less savoury characters to the possible goldmine on those hard drives. Before the pair could leave the country, they'd found themselves hunted by not one, but three different organizations.

Which was how they'd found themselves here, hidden away in a small bunker left over from one of the World Wars (two, most likely), eating army rations and awaiting further instruction via satellite phone. ...Except Six had gone silent for the time being, and the last time either of them had dared to peek outside the bunker, they'd only narrowly avoided a bullet to the head.

"This is actually quite nice," Q said, eating another spoonful of rice from the silver packet on his knee. "We should get some of these for the house. ...For emergencies, of course."

Q's laptop was nearby, and it pinged quietly, causing Q to lean over and tap a few keys before returning to his meal.
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