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Mexico hadn't been Q's first choice for a vacation destination, but Bond had seemed set on it. “We can celebrate Día de Muertos,” the double-o had offered. And while Q still hadn't been sold on it, he'd shrugged and decided anything would be a nice change from guns and violence while abroad.

“That's a good spot to watch from,” Q noted, pointing with his free hand as Bond pulled him along through the dense crowd of people. Not that James seemed to be listening at all. His shoulders were squared, and though he walked with a relaxed gait Q could tell he was focused on something. Though what Bond was focused on wasn't immediately apparent to the young Quartermaster.
The celebration was loud and colourful, spanning nearly the whole city it seemed. It should have been a bit silly really, to be dressed up the way they were, but Bond looked surprisingly dashing dressed in a black suit decorated to look like a skeleton, his face hidden behind a mask that matched. Though Q wasn't surprised, he imagined Bond looked good in everything. Bond's looks weren't the only thing that made him attractive, it was so much more than that. The way he stood, the way he carried himself... It was all part of a bigger picture.
Q, himself, was dressed in a flowing white dress of sorts, his own face hidden behind a mask that looked like a sugar skull. It wasn't his first choice, but given who they were he didn't think it was wise to draw too much attention. So he'd chosen a costume that left his sex ambiguous and his face a mystery.
However, for all they'd come, supposedly, to celebrate, Bond didn't seem interested in the sights and sounds at all as he tugged Q along through the crowd, towards a hotel.
“Really? We've come all this way so you can shag me in some tiny hotel?” he whispered, not disappointed, but a bit surprised that Bond's libidocouldn't be tamed long enough to enjoy the very festival they'd supposedly come to see. “We're going to miss all the fun.”
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