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Bond was off at a funeral that Q was certain he'd not been invited to, which meant Q was attempting to juggle doing his work and keeping Bond off Six's radar. On top of that, he knew for a fact that C intended to 'drop in' today. A visit he wasn't looking forward to.

He'd hidden everything he thought might be frowned on, and was busying himself with car repair when C finally turned up.

The man waltzed in as though he owned the place, looking around at the space, before finally turning his attention to Q.

"Oh, good, you're here. Don't let me bother you, I'm just looking to see how much space you'll need in the new building," he said, offering a smile that didn't look right on those smug lips.

"Oh, I've no intention of moving to the new building. M's already approved this space as permanent," Q replied, cleaning his hands and then making his way over.

C smiled again, then shrugged. "Yes, I understand that, but you wont need all this space when we close the double-o program. Q branch will be integrated into the new security services- You'll be working for me," he explained.

"If," Q corrected. "If they close the double-o program."

The man laughed, and Q managed not to cringe at the sound. "Right 'if'," C chuckled, making his way over to a gun that was sitting on the table, and tutting to himself. 

"It's not loaded, it's out to be repaired," Q sighed. 

"I'm sure," C replied dryly.

Q scowled, turning away and leaving C to show himself around. The silence that hung between them was dreadful, and he winced when he heard the man clear his throat.

"So, that nano blood... Is it online yet?" C asked casually.

"Smart blood, and no. Not for about another twenty-four hours," Q replied carefully.

"Right, of course. I do hope when it turns on we don't find your boyfriend anywhere he shouldn't be. He is your boyfriend, correct? Or are you just... Lovers?"

Q bristled, then wet his lips and took a calming breath. "Fiancée, actually. We filled out the paperwork, we're not breaking any rules."

"Oh, I don't know about that," C replied, crossing the room and moving to stand so close that Q had to fight the urge to take a step back. He wouldn't give the other man the satisfaction. "I think you both break a lot of rules. Mexico, for example..." he said, reaching out to straighten Q's tie.

"You know, just because the horse is due to be put out to pasture, doesn't mean the jockey ought to be shot as well. You could come work for me now. Avoid the embarrassment of being marched out of here when I get my way- And I will get my way, because it's the right one. You know that, surely you know it, even if M doesn't."

Q brushed C's hands away, and finally moved away.

"I've got a lot of work to do, so if you don't mind..." Q said.

C smirked, shrugging one shoulder. "Suit yourself. I look forward to watching you beg for a job later. I'm sure you look lovely on your knees, Q."

Q looked shocked, certain he'd misheard or misunderstood- But before he could say a word, C was leaving.

Pulling up Bond's tracker, he swore softly. There was no way the other man would be back in twenty-four hours. ...No, he was going to have to drag him home himself.

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