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He'd left for work early, aware that he didn't want to be late for his meeting with C. They were already at odds after all, and M had requested that none of them ruffle any feathers. So Q was on his best behaviour, even agreeing to go to the new building to meet the other man.
He hated the new building. Everything was glass it seemed, only offering the barest hints of privacy here and there. Also, in Q's opinion, the layout was absolutely idiotic. The servers were practically out on display, an arrogant act of idiocy that left them far too vulerable. ...Not that he would tell C that.
“Oh, Q. You're here,” C said, barely glancing up from his computer and gesturing for Q to come in. “Sorry to have you come in so early, but it's a busy day and I'd like to make this quick."
“No trouble at all,” Q replied dryly, standing a few feet away from the man's desk, and only sitting when C invited him to do so.
“Given your position- Current position, that is- I have to ask you, Q... Does this seem very appropriate?” C asked, turning his laptop around so Q could see the screen. He recognized the images right away. His blog, the one he'd already suspected the other man had found. Though to his credit, Q didn't even blink.
“To look at during work hours? No, possibly not. Though we're looking at your laptop right now, not mine, so I'm not certain how this is related to my work. ...Do you want me to bloke the site on our network?” he offered.
C laughed, then shook his head. “You're funny. I keep forgetting you're funny. No, I was talking about the fact that these are photos of you.”
Q tilted his head, studying the photos- None of which showed his face. “You seem very certain of that, and yet I don't see my face anywhere here.”
C's smile faded, and he sighed as he leaned back in his seat. “It's you, Q. You're very good at covering your tracks, but no one's perfect- And it doesn't help that your boyfriend is forever logging in to have a look. I didn't even need to check his IP, he's been caught on camera in the building- Thankfully just looking.
Q knew he shouldn't, but he smirked at that. Very pleased to hear it.
“So what do we do about this?” C asked.
“I'm not saying that it's my blog, but if it's such a concern to you, I believe I can make it vanish. Will there be anything else?” he asked, starting to stand.
C studied him for a moment, visibly displeased that this meeting hadn't gone the way he'd expected. “Just one thing. ...I'm going to fire Bond.”
That was enough to make Q sit again, the smirk fading from his lips. “On what grounds?” he asked.
“Do you want a list? Borrowing equipment without permission, destroying said equipment... How about looking at porn at work?” C suggested. “Which do you think he'd find the most upsetting, please, tell me, I'd love to know...”
Q glared, trying to ignore the panic in his chest. They needed Bond. They couldn't fire him- this couldn't happen.
“What do you want?” he asked plainly, certain there had to be something he could give C to get him to back off for a while.
Leaning back in his chair this time it was C's turn to smirk. “I want two things on my desk by the end of the day. First, I want ten of the listening devices you developed during project Redbelm. Then, I'd like these,” he said, tapping at his monitor screen and indicating the lace pants Q had been wearing in one of the photos. “Along with a personal, written apology from you, for being such a disturbance at work.”
Q pulled a face at that, his brow knit tight. “Why on earth would you...” And then it clicked. This wasn't about pleasure or anything like that. Lacy knickers and a personal note... “You think you can blackmail me later,” he said calmly, frowning at the other man.
“I think it would be a bit stupid of me not to have something on you, Q. Don't you?” C asked.
“I could claim sexual harassment,” Q countered.
“And I could show M your blog,” C smiled. “Don't think you'll be his favourite once he sees just how stupidly arrogant you've been. ...Though not the first time that ego of yours has helped make a mess.”
Q glared, then got to his feet. “Fine. May I go now?” he asked tersely.
C only shrugged, nodding at the door.
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