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Q tended to pride himself on just how smoothly his heists went. He wasn't exactly a meticulous planner, but he was always aware of what he was doing and what was happening around him- And, more importantly, he almost always had the pleasure of not having to be hands on. He did his best work remotely.

This job, however, had involved being on site. The security at the Bank of England was tight enough that he needed to be wintin range of the secure signal to break into it. ...He'd accounted for nearly everything. ...Nearly. He couldn't have possibly guessed that someone else would be breaking in tonight as well. ...Someone who seemed to like doing things the old fashioned way.

"That's a very nice gun," he said mildly. "However, I'd prefer if it wasn't digging into my jaw."


Jan. 30th, 2015 11:51 pm
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It had been a stressful month, and while Q knew there were more important matters to attend to, he had decided that he more than deserved a little fun.

The club wasn't open to the public, but money opened doors, and it hadn't taken more than a check to get himself an invite. He'd been a few times in the past, with various friends- But this would be the first time he invited Hex along to join him. ...All he'd sent the man was an address, a suit, and the promise of an unforgettable night.

Now Q lingered in the large dining hall, sitting at the table he'd reserved for them, and sipping his wine as he observed the other visitors. All were well dressed in suit and ties, but a glance at any table offered a glimpse of one man feeding the other- Or in one instance, a view of a man beneath the table- Servicing his partner, and only barely hidden by a table cloth. Though it all remained tasteful somehow.

It really was a remarkable club, and some of the familiar faces that filled it were very unexpected. ...Should the wrong sort ever manage to slip in, they could easily make a mint selling stories to the tabloids.


Jan. 15th, 2015 04:18 pm
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 Continued from here....

Q laughed softly, letting Bond pull him to his feet, only to wrap himself around the double-o again, practically hanging off him as he stole another kiss.

"I do love sharing a home with you- I worry though, that it's too much my home, and not enough ours. Do you think we should consider moving in the future? Finding a space we both love?" he asked.
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 He'd woken early to make sure everything was in place. The new Aston Martin parked outside, several new gadgets and goodies tucked under the tree- From a new gun, to a golden watch and the finest chocolate money could buy. Q had gone all out, and one he was certain everything was in order, he slipped into the kitchen to put the kettle on and start making breakfast- Something to nibble on while they unwrapped gifts.

A press of a button had the gas fire lit, and Q looked pleased as he filled the teapot and filled a tray to set on the coffee table.


Dec. 17th, 2014 07:19 pm
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Christmas vacation was swiftly approaching, which meant staff was slimmer than usual, and there were fewer and fewer ongoing missions. 

Q, for his part, had spent the morning in the labs, working on a crossbow that could fold down to nothing, and also be used to create ziplines when needed. Something simple, but useful- though he hadn't gotten very far yet. Making an item such as that was simple- Making it compact, however, was proving to be much harder. 

Having given up for the time being, the young quartermaster had checked in on his underlings, then slipped off to his office to check his email and enjoy a fresh cup of tea.

His desk was home to several monitors. Some devoted to interoffice IM's, some showing his various projects and codes, one displaying his tumblr feed (mostly porn), another offering his email, and the last, and the smallest, dedicated to showing Bond's movements at MI6. He was quite proud of that one, if he was honest, having set up a small program that used six's security feeds and facial recognition to track the double-o in real time, any time he was in the building.

Though Q really should have been answering his mail, he found himself alternating between scrolling through his tumblr dashboard, and watching double-o seven stalk about the building as he sipped his tea.


Nov. 22nd, 2014 11:07 pm
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(from here

Q smiled softly, nodding his agreement. James had a way of making him melt, and though he didn't often let it show- Here and now, he gave himself away, just a bit.

The rest of the meal passed with a bit of chit chat and conversation, but it wasn't until the food was gone that Q changed the topic.

"How are you healing?" he asked. "Are you feeling better at all? Well enough, perhaps, to retire to the bedroom?"


Nov. 9th, 2014 10:45 pm
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 James tried, he really did, and Q did his best to accept what the double-o offered and never push for more. He had interests though- Needs, even- And tonight he was trying to fill them by simply watching.

Tonight he was at Hitch, sitting in his usual booth- breaking the dress code as he often did- and watching as three men acted out a rather rough scene on a small stage. It was mostly pantomime, but it was enough to hold his interest as he ordered another drink and watched... Letting his imagination do what it could to quell his wants and desires.
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 The day had started off innocently enough. Tea, email, giving James yet another lecture on returning the tech... Normal things, things that happened nearly daily. In fact, in every way the day had presented itself as nothing special that morning. From Q's mundane ride on the tube into work, to the light flirtation with Bond before his meeting with M.

Ah, yes, the meeting with M. That had been the start of the steady downwards slope in his day. 

"It's a long flight, but you can sleep through it under medication."

"Absolutely not."

"Bond will be with you."

"I don't fly."

"There's no one else, you have to go."

Q was certain that M only ever asked to be polite, there was no choice to be made, not really. Their conversations were, generally, an act. An illusion to make Q feel less like a tool, and more like a human being. Either way, it had been one disaster after another. The drugs had worn off mid-flight, the turbulence had been enough to make the young Quartermaster reconsider his thoughts on God, and upon landing they hadn't even made it to the Hotel before being captured at gunpoint and dragged off to the basement in what had to be the sketchiest love motel in Tokyo.

"I'm resigning," Q declared. Presently he was standing back to back with Bond, their wrists shackled above their heads. For Bond it was a stretch, but it had Q up on his toes and in a very bad mood. 

"I mean it. I'm going to walk into M's office and tell him exactly where he can shove this job, Bond."


Oct. 17th, 2014 08:38 pm
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 (from here)

Q let himself be pushed along, then laughed as he playfully put up some resistance just outside the bedroom door.

"Bossy," he accused with a laugh.


Oct. 5th, 2014 09:06 pm
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(from here)

Picking up his own bottle, and his discarded mask, Q followed along.

Bond's car was easy to spot, and he settled into the passenger seat like he belonged there, turning just enough to drop his bottle and mask in the back.

"We could go to a hotel if you like," he suggested. "Something new. Something different."


Sep. 22nd, 2014 10:11 pm
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Terrance was a mess- a man clearly nearing the last good days of his life. He was still strong though, still clever as well. ...Q had nearly forgotten how clever the man could be.

The young Quartermaster had attempted to escape on the second night, using his skills to pick the lock on his door. However, the moment he attempted to step foot outside the house, he was rewarded with sharp and violent pain that flooded through his entire body.

"I had a feeling you'd break out," Terrance had said, lifting him up and gently carrying Q back inside. "You were always testing your limits and trying your luck."

The implant was right at the base of his spine, carefully placed and impossible to remove by himself without risking permanent damage. This cage had no bars, but it was very secure.


Terrance was quiet most days, content to simply have Q near. Petting him, touching him- beating him. The man's impotence was a blessing, Q didn't like to think what the days would have been like had Terrance been well. Still, the illness lingered over them both now that the young Quartermaster knew Terrance's endgame. He'd made it clear he intended to kill them both, and Q skipped as many meals as he could, fearing that each would be his last.

Though that wasn't really Terrance's style, he supposed. Poison was so quiet- Q was sure the man intended to go out with a bang.

"You still think he's coming," Terrance had said tonight, Watching Q as the younger man snubbed yet another hot meal.

"Because he is," Q replied simply.

"He didn't save you before, why do you think he'll save you now?" Terrance had asked, smiling when Q looked confused. "You don't remember? Interesting. I wonder if he does. I imagine he might when he finds your body. You were wearing that shirt that night you know."

Q looked down at himself, studying the shirt Terrance had dressed him in, but failing to recall what it had to do with Bond.

"You should eat," Terrance said. "I made your favourite- A last meal should always be something you love."

Q's pulse fluttered, and he pushed his plate away. Terrance left him be, returning to his meal.


It was nearly midnight when Terrance slipped into his bedroom, stroking his hair and pushing him onto his back. Q didn't fight, expecting yet another failed attempt at intercourse- only to be surprised by the sudden grip of Terrance's hands around his throat.

"Look at me," the man said calmly. "I want your eyes on me. I want you to know that I'm only doing this because I love you."
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He didn't leave the apartment often- Terrance hated it when he left- But he was aching from his last squabble with his keeper, and he desperately wanted a few beers and some time away from the flat that was slowly becoming his prison.

It was a gay bar, he nearly always wound up at gay bars, but this one was fairly understated and calm. Few bothered him as he sat alone at a table near the back, working on his third beer and watching the telly with glassy eyes.

Someone sat down, and he said what he always said- because he knew what they all wanted. 

"You couldn't afford it, love. But make me an offer and I'll think about it."
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The first thing Terrance had done was strip him of his clothes and glasses, leaving him nude for only a moment, before guiding him to a small bedroom. ...It was painfully familiar, decorated nearly exactly as he'd decorated his bedroom in the small flat Terrance had once kept him in. Some of the posters were wrong- but for the most part it was spot on.

On the bed sat a pair of glasses- identical to the ones he'd worn in his youth, but with his new prescription. He slipped them on, the thick black frames feeling far too heavy compared to what he wore now. In the closet he found clothes- Not like the ones he wore now, but hoodies and t-shirts that echoed the ones he'd lived in long ago. 

"I've outgrown all this," he said as he dressed. "All that loud music, the oversized clothes... this isn't who I am any more, Terrance. I haven't been this in a long time."

Terrance said nothing, he simply sat on the bed, admiring Q as he dressed.

--- --- ---

The second day there was touching. A kiss on the cheek, fingertips roaming over his arm... It was as if Terrance was flirting with him. Seducing him, even. 

Q didn't react at all, still and silent, eyes constantly drifting to the window in search of Bond.

"Tell me why you liked him," Terrance said as he placed Q's dinner in front of him- another meal the Quartermaster would refuse to eat.

"I don't like him. I love him," Q replied quietly.

"You used to love me," Terrance said softly.

"I didn't know what love was then."


The third night was the first night that Terrance joined him, laying behind the younger man and holding him tightly. He kissed Q's neck and squeezed him roughly, but that was all.

Q did his best to ignore it- but he couldn't help but notice something...


"You're impotent," Q said, his words breaking the silence that seemed to constantly fill the space between them.

Terrance had been cooking, something he seemed to do no matter how many times Q refused to eat, and he dropped the pan he'd been holding. The metal clanged and clattered loudly, and he turned sharply to look at the younger man.

"What did you just say?" he asked, his calm tone unsettling and threatening. Though Q didn't so much as flinch.

"You're impotent," he said again. "You're unable to maintain an-"

Q didn't get to finish his sentence, but he didn't care. The hard slap was something real at last. The past few days had been nothing but pantomime- But this was real. This he could make sense of.

The beating was severe, and the rest of the day was spent locked in his room, nursing his wounds.

That night Terrance joined him again, apologizing for his outburst with a packet of crisps and a gentle embrace. ...Q accepted both.


"He's not coming for you," Terrance said.

"He is," Q argued quietly.

"He's dead, dear boy. I thought you'd have realized that by now."

Silence settled between them, and Q swallowed hard. He held his paper cup a little tighter, nearly crushing it as he sipped his tea. ...Bond wasn't dead. He couldn't be dead. Bond didn't die unless he felt like letting death come.

Cup empty, Q finally spoke.

"What do you even want from me?"

The silence was far more unsettling than anything Terrance could have said.


"You're dying," Q said at breakfast on the fourth day- Or maybe it was the fifth. He wasn't certain any more.

"Lung cancer," Terrance nodded.

"That's why I'm here then," the younger man said, his voice cracking a bit as he allowed himself to feel afraid at last.

"I had to live without you. I wont die without you. I failed in this life, but we'll get it right in the next."
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 The tracker was little more than a pill, offering Bond 24 hours to track him once he was in Terrance's hands. It was risky, incredibly so- but it was their only option.

Terrance needed to be taken care of.

Q had reached out the only way he knew how, via an old private IRC channel.

I want to come home.

There was nothing for nearly fourty minutes- and then, finally.

Piccadilly Circus tube station. Tomorrow. 7 AM.
Come alone.

Q turned his screen so Bond could see.
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 "I'm not opening the door for you until you go back and retrieve your weapon," Q said, tone calm and bland as he spoke in the double-o's ear.

Currently, the young quartermaster was standing at his desk, sipping his tea, watching the agent on his monitor. It was late, and most of the office was empty. He knew Mallory was in hi office still, and he was sure he'd seen Eve- But this was a minor mission, nothing he couldn't run alone.

Bond wasn't even out of the country, he was simply placing a few bugs at the Russian Embassy- which was within walking distance, even though Bond had taken a car. It was so minor that Q was decoding a hard drive from a previous mission at the same time, and felt no shame in demanding Bond bring back all the tech.
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(from here)

Q said nothing, hooking his arm with Bond's and starting to walk. "It's all laid out fairly logicically," he assured the double-o, dropping several can's of tuna into the basket, then leading them on to where the meets were kept. 

"I don't suppose you ever trouble yourself with anything as mundane as shopping for groceries- But I quite like it, if I'm honest."


Jul. 9th, 2014 09:57 am
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There was a strict dress code at the club, one that was enforced firmly by a hulking man who stood at the door. However, Q had once done this large and intimidating man a rather sizeable favour, and in return was allowed into the club wearing whatever he pleased. While others wore leather and PVC, Q sat in the corner, wearing his usual attire and simply observing as he sipped his beer.

The first time he'd turned up, the manager had questioned him, the second time, however, he was left be. Q had simply become an oddity in this place of sin and pleasure- an oddity that people had grown accustom to, and quite fond of.

"Who's the little one sitting in the corner, dressed like he's off to work?" newcomers would ask.

"Oh, that's just Thomas."

Occasionally he'd be hit on or flirted with. Occasionally he shared a drink with someone- But he never danced. Once in a blue moon he'd let one of the older men play with him. Never sex, but some light aggression and bdsm play. They'd whisper dirty things to him, and Q would allow himself to enjoy the attention.

Tonight he was alone though, sitting in the corner. He came far less often now than he once had, but nothing had changed. He still received the same curious glances and knowing smiles as he sat quietly by himself.
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Unlike M, Mallory wasn't quite so willing to let Q do exactly as he pleased. Where M had said nothing about Q's fear of flying, Mallory had rolled his eyes and informed Q they were going to have to work on that. And where M had been content for the Quartermaster to sip his tea and lurk behind his computer screen, Mallory wanted him trained up- Just in case he was needed in the field or someone (god forbid) attempted to abduct him.

It was for those reasons that the young quartermaster found himself in a large room wearing protective goggles and headgear, watching double-o seven load a gun.

"This is totally unnecessary," he said, frowning to himself. "I think if you were to tell Mallory just how unnecessary it is, he might let us just go home. I've a book waiting on the end of my bed that I'm just itching to finish you know..."


Jun. 30th, 2014 10:19 pm
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He'd let the workers and the rest of Q-branch help him set up the hardware, but now it was time to get the systems back online- and for that, Q wanted to be left alone.

Moving back to the old building had put a lot of the staff on edge, but Q found he didn't mind. It was nice to get out of Churchill's dingy caves and back out into the city. It finally felt as if things were returning to normal, and they were leaving that whole mess with Silva behind them all.

"Bond's about," Eve warned as she took Q's mug and refilled it. "Thought I ought to warn you since I'm headed home for the night."

Q hummed, not even realizing that Eve was topping up his tea as he continued to tap away. "Hmm? Oh, I'm sure he's got better things to do than bother me," he replied.

"I wouldn't be so sure of that," Eve laughed, saying her goodbyes and leaving Q alone in Q branch.

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