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2017-07-08 08:25 pm


Bond was abroad, and though Q tended to stay in his ear 24/7, he did, eventually, need sleep. He'd dragged himself home, curled up on the bed between the cats, and let sleep take him. It was a lack of noise that woke him though- He always slept with the news on when Bond was away, and the seemingly sudden silence had been jarring.

The flat was pitch black, and the cats- Where were the cats? Blindly, he made his way to the window- Where was the window?

His eyes began to adjust to the dark, and while that was definitely his and Bond's bed, this was not their flat. ...It was more like a cement box. There was a heavy metal door, and on the ground he could see what looked like a man's body. Stepping closer, he could see he was dressed in a full suit and that his hands were bound. It started to move, as though waking from an unexpected nap, and as it sat up Q could see just enough in the dark to know it was no threat.

"Oh my god, Bond," the young quartermaster gasped.
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2017-01-29 04:16 pm


from here

Q studied him for a moment, then nodded, accepting his answer as the truth. He'd done his part by asking, he couldn't dictate Hex's choices.

The car came to a stop, and Q waited for He to get out before following. In the lobby they were greeted by a drab looking man behind a counter, who told them there were no vacancies- Until Q offered a series of numbers. It was how the hotel remained hidden in plain sight.

Soon enough Hex was being offered a keycard.
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2016-11-19 02:11 am


It had been a reasonable amount of time now since Q had last been in the field. Not as long as he'd have liked, but long enough that he was a bit more at ease this time around. Hell, he'd even made it through the flight without getting terribly drunk or knocking himself out. If that didn't speak highly of the Quartermaster's current calm, he wasn't sure what would.

It was cold in Tver, not that this part of the globe was ever terribly warm this time of year, and the damp didn't make it any more inviting. Still, they'd made it in one piece, and the city was, really, quite lovely. It was a pity they were here for work rather than pleasure. Still, at least they had a nice hotel room and room service. That made the trip a touch more tolerable.

Q's laptop was currently rebooting after a hard crash- A result of some code work the boffin had been fiddling with- And so he was lingering near the hotel window, looking out at the city as he spoke.

"I've never done a prison break before. ...Well, hostage rescue, I suppose is the more apt term here. I'm almost disappointed I'll have to stay back at the hotel while you go fetch your friend," Q said, pausing, then glancing over at James. "...Almost."
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2016-07-04 11:17 pm


It was his birthday, July 5th, and what a day it had been. He'd spent most of it locked away in his lab, slaving over some new tech- However, as day faded to night, he'd cracked open a bottle of vodka, and moved from his desk to the floor.

He'd knocked back about a third of the bottle, and was already a bit wasted as he hummed along to the music he had playing over the speakers, and rocked from side to side. 

He hated his birthday, had taken great care to wipe all evidence of the date from his files, and had made it a yearly ritual to spend the day alone. ...Drunk, if possible.

This year was no exception.
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2016-06-20 08:40 pm

Hex (from the GP)

It wasn't a long ride home, and Q lingered close to Hex the whole trip there, not shy about being in the other man's space.

His flat was a place he wasn't sure he'd ever had Hex before, and the moment they stepped inside they were greeted by both Oberon and Titania. Both cats were crying and yowling, but only Oberon fussed until Q surrendered and scooped him up.

"Fancy a drink?" he asked Hex. "Tea or coffee, maybe?"
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2016-05-20 02:03 am


from here

Q grit his teeth against the kiss at first, but eventually surrendered. He didn't wilt though, even if he did seem less cocky than usual, there was more of a fight in him now- As if he was afraid to surrender completely.

His nails dug in hard as he clawed at Bond's shoulders, shoving at him even as he groaned into the kiss and let out a soft whimper.
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2016-04-03 07:54 pm


Their car was running and waiting for them at the curb, and Q nodded his thanks as the man opened the passenger side door for him.

The party had been entertaining, but honestly, it wasn't his sort of thing, and he was eager to get home.

"I pinched some of the smoked salmon. Thought it might make the cats happy," Q admitted when Bond climbed in, puling a carefully folded napkin from his coat pocket.
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2016-02-27 03:44 pm

(no subject)

Poll #17332 Plot? Plot.
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2016-02-26 07:14 pm


(from here)

Q nodded, but didn't feel nearly as sure. Though that didn't stop him from offering a smile as he began to strip down as well. Unsure as he felt, a bath still sounded like a good idea to him.
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2016-01-15 09:14 pm

Bond (Hex?)

Friday nights alone with Bond were rare, but by the end of the week they were both often too worn down to do anything exciting. Generally they ended up exactly as they were now, in bed, in their pyjamas. Cats at their feet, the telly on quietly, and Q  laying on his belly beside Bond, tapping away at his laptop. 

Some nights he coded, others he caught up on his email, but most of the time he was on tumblr and chatting with Hex.  The pair of them casually drooling over and trading gif sets with one another. Even occasionally getting a bit raunchy in their im's, an innocent bit of cybering to make the night a bit more thrilling.

Q10: I like this one. http://gaybondageboys.tumblr.com/post/132215629867 Couldn't wear something like that though, glasses would get in the way, hate being without them.

His feet were in the air, swinging a bit as he hit send and moved onto the next page of the blog they were currently mining for good gifs, no longer paying attention to whatever Bond was watching.
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2015-12-10 07:03 pm

Hex (Bond?)

Q wasn't sure what to expect, but he'd decided to turn up as requested, Standing on the platform at Piccadilly for a while, before heading into the restroom to see if perhaps Hex was waiting there. It would, at the very least, muffle the sounds of the trains if he had to call the other man.

It was late enough that the station wasn't too busy, and Q appeared to be alone as he stepped into the restroom and opened his bag to pull out his phone.
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2015-12-05 04:39 pm

(no subject)

He'd left for work early, aware that he didn't want to be late for his meeting with C. They were already at odds after all, and M had requested that none of them ruffle any feathers. So Q was on his best behaviour, even agreeing to go to the new building to meet the other man.
He hated the new building. Everything was glass it seemed, only offering the barest hints of privacy here and there. Also, in Q's opinion, the layout was absolutely idiotic. The servers were practically out on display, an arrogant act of idiocy that left them far too vulerable. ...Not that he would tell C that.
“Oh, Q. You're here,” C said, barely glancing up from his computer and gesturing for Q to come in. “Sorry to have you come in so early, but it's a busy day and I'd like to make this quick."
“No trouble at all,” Q replied dryly, standing a few feet away from the man's desk, and only sitting when C invited him to do so.
“Given your position- Current position, that is- I have to ask you, Q... Does this seem very appropriate?” C asked, turning his laptop around so Q could see the screen. He recognized the images right away. His blog, the one he'd already suspected the other man had found. Though to his credit, Q didn't even blink.
“To look at during work hours? No, possibly not. Though we're looking at your laptop right now, not mine, so I'm not certain how this is related to my work. ...Do you want me to bloke the site on our network?” he offered.
C laughed, then shook his head. “You're funny. I keep forgetting you're funny. No, I was talking about the fact that these are photos of you.”
Q tilted his head, studying the photos- None of which showed his face. “You seem very certain of that, and yet I don't see my face anywhere here.”
C's smile faded, and he sighed as he leaned back in his seat. “It's you, Q. You're very good at covering your tracks, but no one's perfect- And it doesn't help that your boyfriend is forever logging in to have a look. I didn't even need to check his IP, he's been caught on camera in the building- Thankfully just looking.
Q knew he shouldn't, but he smirked at that. Very pleased to hear it.
“So what do we do about this?” C asked.
“I'm not saying that it's my blog, but if it's such a concern to you, I believe I can make it vanish. Will there be anything else?” he asked, starting to stand.
C studied him for a moment, visibly displeased that this meeting hadn't gone the way he'd expected. “Just one thing. ...I'm going to fire Bond.”
That was enough to make Q sit again, the smirk fading from his lips. “On what grounds?” he asked.
“Do you want a list? Borrowing equipment without permission, destroying said equipment... How about looking at porn at work?” C suggested. “Which do you think he'd find the most upsetting, please, tell me, I'd love to know...”
Q glared, trying to ignore the panic in his chest. They needed Bond. They couldn't fire him- this couldn't happen.
“What do you want?” he asked plainly, certain there had to be something he could give C to get him to back off for a while.
Leaning back in his chair this time it was C's turn to smirk. “I want two things on my desk by the end of the day. First, I want ten of the listening devices you developed during project Redbelm. Then, I'd like these,” he said, tapping at his monitor screen and indicating the lace pants Q had been wearing in one of the photos. “Along with a personal, written apology from you, for being such a disturbance at work.”
Q pulled a face at that, his brow knit tight. “Why on earth would you...” And then it clicked. This wasn't about pleasure or anything like that. Lacy knickers and a personal note... “You think you can blackmail me later,” he said calmly, frowning at the other man.
“I think it would be a bit stupid of me not to have something on you, Q. Don't you?” C asked.
“I could claim sexual harassment,” Q countered.
“And I could show M your blog,” C smiled. “Don't think you'll be his favourite once he sees just how stupidly arrogant you've been. ...Though not the first time that ego of yours has helped make a mess.”
Q glared, then got to his feet. “Fine. May I go now?” he asked tersely.
C only shrugged, nodding at the door.
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2015-11-19 07:25 pm

(no subject)

Bond was off at a funeral that Q was certain he'd not been invited to, which meant Q was attempting to juggle doing his work and keeping Bond off Six's radar. On top of that, he knew for a fact that C intended to 'drop in' today. A visit he wasn't looking forward to.

He'd hidden everything he thought might be frowned on, and was busying himself with car repair when C finally turned up.

The man waltzed in as though he owned the place, looking around at the space, before finally turning his attention to Q.

"Oh, good, you're here. Don't let me bother you, I'm just looking to see how much space you'll need in the new building," he said, offering a smile that didn't look right on those smug lips.

"Oh, I've no intention of moving to the new building. M's already approved this space as permanent," Q replied, cleaning his hands and then making his way over.

C smiled again, then shrugged. "Yes, I understand that, but you wont need all this space when we close the double-o program. Q branch will be integrated into the new security services- You'll be working for me," he explained.

"If," Q corrected. "If they close the double-o program."

The man laughed, and Q managed not to cringe at the sound. "Right 'if'," C chuckled, making his way over to a gun that was sitting on the table, and tutting to himself. 

"It's not loaded, it's out to be repaired," Q sighed. 

"I'm sure," C replied dryly.

Q scowled, turning away and leaving C to show himself around. The silence that hung between them was dreadful, and he winced when he heard the man clear his throat.

"So, that nano blood... Is it online yet?" C asked casually.

"Smart blood, and no. Not for about another twenty-four hours," Q replied carefully.

"Right, of course. I do hope when it turns on we don't find your boyfriend anywhere he shouldn't be. He is your boyfriend, correct? Or are you just... Lovers?"

Q bristled, then wet his lips and took a calming breath. "Fiancée, actually. We filled out the paperwork, we're not breaking any rules."

"Oh, I don't know about that," C replied, crossing the room and moving to stand so close that Q had to fight the urge to take a step back. He wouldn't give the other man the satisfaction. "I think you both break a lot of rules. Mexico, for example..." he said, reaching out to straighten Q's tie.

"You know, just because the horse is due to be put out to pasture, doesn't mean the jockey ought to be shot as well. You could come work for me now. Avoid the embarrassment of being marched out of here when I get my way- And I will get my way, because it's the right one. You know that, surely you know it, even if M doesn't."

Q brushed C's hands away, and finally moved away.

"I've got a lot of work to do, so if you don't mind..." Q said.

C smirked, shrugging one shoulder. "Suit yourself. I look forward to watching you beg for a job later. I'm sure you look lovely on your knees, Q."

Q looked shocked, certain he'd misheard or misunderstood- But before he could say a word, C was leaving.

Pulling up Bond's tracker, he swore softly. There was no way the other man would be back in twenty-four hours. ...No, he was going to have to drag him home himself.

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2015-11-13 04:21 pm

Bond (Spectre spoilers? Maybe?)

Mexico hadn't been Q's first choice for a vacation destination, but Bond had seemed set on it. “We can celebrate Día de Muertos,” the double-o had offered. And while Q still hadn't been sold on it, he'd shrugged and decided anything would be a nice change from guns and violence while abroad.

“That's a good spot to watch from,” Q noted, pointing with his free hand as Bond pulled him along through the dense crowd of people. Not that James seemed to be listening at all. His shoulders were squared, and though he walked with a relaxed gait Q could tell he was focused on something. Though what Bond was focused on wasn't immediately apparent to the young Quartermaster.
The celebration was loud and colourful, spanning nearly the whole city it seemed. It should have been a bit silly really, to be dressed up the way they were, but Bond looked surprisingly dashing dressed in a black suit decorated to look like a skeleton, his face hidden behind a mask that matched. Though Q wasn't surprised, he imagined Bond looked good in everything. Bond's looks weren't the only thing that made him attractive, it was so much more than that. The way he stood, the way he carried himself... It was all part of a bigger picture.
Q, himself, was dressed in a flowing white dress of sorts, his own face hidden behind a mask that looked like a sugar skull. It wasn't his first choice, but given who they were he didn't think it was wise to draw too much attention. So he'd chosen a costume that left his sex ambiguous and his face a mystery.
However, for all they'd come, supposedly, to celebrate, Bond didn't seem interested in the sights and sounds at all as he tugged Q along through the crowd, towards a hotel.
“Really? We've come all this way so you can shag me in some tiny hotel?” he whispered, not disappointed, but a bit surprised that Bond's libidocouldn't be tamed long enough to enjoy the very festival they'd supposedly come to see. “We're going to miss all the fun.”
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2015-10-26 09:45 pm

Bond (10/26)

 Yet again they were leaving England, and yet again Q was being forced onto a plane. It felt like he'd only just returned, but lately it was one thing after another- Or, perhaps, like M needed to prove something. Though Q wasn't yet certain to whom or why...

He'd kicked up his usual fuss, but his tantrums weren't terribly volatile, and he'd wound up where he'd known he'd inevitably find himself- Sitting in a hard plastic seat in the middle of Heathrow, awaiting their flight.

"I want it noted that I'm still upset about all this. I'm perfectly capable of providing intel from my office- Or my bed," he added, still sulking about being woken early and forced to abandon his pyjamas in favour of actual clothes.
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2015-10-22 07:17 pm

(no subject)

The mission had, honestly, started out quite well. They'd made their way to Greenland, infiltrated the secure and 'secret' data centre of an underground online movement who had been storing encrypted data that MI6 had no interest in seeing unravelled, and allowing anyone with the knowledge to find it, download and attempt to decrypt it. 

The hackers weren't radicals, not even hacktivists- Just ambitious dabblers who'd stumbled onto something bigger than they'd realized. 

The pair had managed to get in an out without even spilling blood- Replacing the data with something harmless right under the hackers noses. ...However, their presence alone had been enough to clue in a few less savoury characters to the possible goldmine on those hard drives. Before the pair could leave the country, they'd found themselves hunted by not one, but three different organizations.

Which was how they'd found themselves here, hidden away in a small bunker left over from one of the World Wars (two, most likely), eating army rations and awaiting further instruction via satellite phone. ...Except Six had gone silent for the time being, and the last time either of them had dared to peek outside the bunker, they'd only narrowly avoided a bullet to the head.

"This is actually quite nice," Q said, eating another spoonful of rice from the silver packet on his knee. "We should get some of these for the house. ...For emergencies, of course."

Q's laptop was nearby, and it pinged quietly, causing Q to lean over and tap a few keys before returning to his meal.
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2015-07-29 11:32 pm


From Here

Q took a moment to look around, reaching out to touch one of the bedposts before starting to comply.

He took his time undressing, watching Bond the whole time. He liked the feeling of the other man's gaze on him- Knowing that he alone was the reason for Bond's arousal tonight. The world lay so much temptation before the other man, and Q had never before had a partner he felt he needed to be better for. His looks were a matter of taste, he knew that, and he was thankful every time James' gaze lingered on him, and found that lately he took care to keep it there. He chose clothes he knew the other man liked, and was a touch more careful with what he ate. He was naturally slim, but he wasn't athletic, and it would be easy to wind up with a bit of a belly- So Q stood more at his desk now, and skipped the take out in favour of heather meals. Little changes here and there. Tiny things to make up for the fact that he'd never be as fit or as beautiful as Bond.

He stripped, but only until he was down to his pants. Had he known tonight was going to be special, he'd have worn something a bit naughtier, but the little blue pair he had on were cheeky enough.
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2015-07-06 02:51 am


continued from here

"Oooh, dirty," the man tutted, pulling a fold up chair over and sitting beside Bond. "Honest though. I like honest," he grinned, one hand moving to stroke Bond's thigh, the other hitting a button on his phone.
In the other room the tall man responded to a light on the wall that had lit up blue. Not that Q could see it. All he saw was a smile form on the tall man's lips as he began to unzip his trousers.
Q had been abducted more than once now, but while sexual threats had hung in the air, none of his captors- Not even Terrance- had followed through on them. ...It only took him a moment to realize that there was a good chance that trend was about to end.
"See?" Bond's captor whispered. "Good for good. What's more good than that, James? Hmm? I'll let you enjoy the show." he added in a whisper, his fingers gliding over Bond's groin before he rose to his feet and left the room.
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2015-05-16 03:40 pm


 Q was always aware of where Bond was. Even if he appeared fully focused on his work or the monitor, a small percentage of his brain was dedicated to keeping track of where the double-o  was currently lurking. 

Earlier he'd been prowling near Tanner, but now the double-o was about nine feet behind him, studying the tech one of the other double-o's had just dropped off.

"I wouldn't touch that, if I were you," Q said, his tone cool and bland. ...He didn't need to glance back to know Bond would be eyeing the grappling hook.

"It's in need of repair. Apparently it keeps sticking- And I'd rather you didn't trigger it by mistake while standing behind me- It's not an injury I'd likely survive."
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2015-03-27 11:47 pm


 "You really didn't have to come down here you know. I'm just making sure they've laid out the wires properly before they bring in the servers. Honestly, I'm a bit insulted they sent you along with me at all. I don't need a babysitter to set up new servers," Q tutted.

They were currently deep within a cave that sat beneath one of Six's many international outposts. A tiny little military base in the middle of nowhere, which was about to become one of four new data centres, to be used for backup should there be another disaster at HQ. Bond was here as his escort, an unnecessary security measure, in Q's opinion.